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Programme Title: Learning for Everyday Living   

Major Award: NFQ Level 3 Certificate in General Learning 3M0874

Programme Structure: Two Year Part Time

Funding:          BTEI Grant funded (see notes on BTEI)


Programme Overview

This programme is ideally suited to adults returning to education after a length of time and unable to commit to a full-time course of study. This programme facilitates progression to further studies at Level 4 and Level 5 (Post Leaving Certificate) on the National Framework of Qualifications and enhances the employability of the student.


Programme Objectives

  • To provide a programme of learning that is general in nature and flexible in structure so that students have the maximum opportunity to improve their overall level of education
  • To facilitate the student to explore new areas such as Nutrition, Personal & Interpersonal Skills and Computer Technologies that may interest the student in future programmes
  • To enhance the Student’s confidence in their abilities to use their skills to reach their potential
  • To assist the student in developing their core mathematic and communication skills
  • To provide a sound base and foundation of learning that will afford the student the opportunity to progress to other programmes at Level 4


Programme Content




Digital   Media

Word   Processing

Internet   Skills


Personal   & Interpersonal Skills

Career   Preparation


This programme offers two subject areas at a time over four terms over a two year period. Participants will still receive national accreditation for each subject completed but will only receive the major award if all required subjects are successfully completed.