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Programme Title: Individual learning programme

Minor Award: NFQ Level 3, 4 & 5  

Programme Structure: Various times and dates

Funding:          BTEI Grant funded (see notes on BTEI)


Programme Overview

Listed below are stand-alone subject options which may arise during the academic year where funding and minimum numbers permit the running of these courses.


These stand-alone programmes are ideally suited to those looking for a minimum time commitment and with a specific area of interest in mind.  These options can be combined with other certification to realise further qualifications and this option can be discussed with the BTEI administrator. These programmes offer the student an opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills in specific areas to enable progression to further studies at various NFQ levels as well as enhancing the employability of the student.



Examples of stand alone subject options include;

  • ECDL
  • Advanced ECDL
  • Occupational First Aid (Level 5)
  • Cookery (Level 3 & Level 4 options)
  • Art (Level 3 & Level 4)
  • Desk Top Publishing (Level 3 & Level 4)
  • Graphic Design (Level 3 & Level 4)
  • Craft (Level 3 & Level 4 options)
  • Horticulture (Level 3 &4 options)
  • Computers (Levels 3, 4 & 5 options)


Other learning options available subject to sufficient demand


To enrol in any of the above options students are required to complete an application process and when the minimum numbers required to run the course and the funding has been secured for the delivery of the course then applicants will be informed as to the times and duration of the programme.