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Programme Title: Horticulture

Major Award: NFQ Level 4 Horticulture 4M1994

Programme Structure: Two Year Part Time

Funding:          BTEI Grant funded (see notes on BTEI)


Programme Overview

This programme is ideally suited to those adults with an interest in Horticulture returning to education after a length of time and unable to commit to a full-time programme. This programme offers the student an opportunity to develop a broad range of horticulture knowledge and skills to enable progression to further studies at Level 5 (Post Leaving Certificate) on the National Framework of Qualifications and Third Level as well as enhancing the employability of the student.



Programme Objectives

  • To provide a programme of learning of a broad horticultural nature that is flexible in structure so that the student has the maximum opportunity to explore this vocational area of learning
  • To provide the student with vocationally specific horticultural knowledge, skill and competence at this level, thus affording the student the opportunity to progress to programmes leading to awards at Level 5 on the NQF
  • To systematically enable the student to develop the horticultural language, literacy and numeracy skills embedded in the programme objectives and content


Programme Content


Plant Identification, Care and Maintenance

Work Experience

Safe Horticultural Practice

Growing Vegetables

Horticulture Science

Horticultural Tools & Equipment


Establishing Trees & Shrubs


This programme offers two subject areas at a time over four terms over a two year period. Participants will still receive national accreditation for each subject completed but will only receive the major award if all required subjects are successfully completed.