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The Back To Education Initiative (BTEI) is a part-time programme consisting of a range of courses designed to meet the education and training needs of adults looking to enhance their level of qualifications. The aims of BTEI are to increase the participation in a range of accredited learning opportunities and to facilitate access, transfer and progression to other education or employment pathways. BTEI offers you a chance to continue your education and training, to develop new skills, to gain certification at a range of levels and to improve your chance to find good employment. To qualify for our BTEI part time programmes students must be over 18 years of age.


BTEI Part Time Programme

The BTEI programme at Coláiste Éile is offered in a flexible manner with courses ranging from a number of weeks up to two years in duration. There are major and minor award options available under BTEI to adults returning to Further Education. The majority of courses are offered at Levels 3 & 4 on the National Qualifications Framework but there are options available from Levels 1 to 5. 


Our BTEI programmes are designed to support the adult student return to formal learning by building confidence and providing a solid learning foundation. The programmes give the adult student as much choice as possible in terms of realising their learning goals. Each additional subject achieved is further credit towards their overall award.


The college year is divided into three semesters allowing for enrolment throughout the year. The majority of students enroll for the September term but enrolment also takes place for the January term and the June term. Applications may be made in advance. Places are strictly limited and are allocated firstly on BTEI eligibility and then on the basis of educational achievement at the time of application and finally on the basis of date application is received.


The BTEI subjects are delivered over a variety of course lengths and times and are delivered in as flexible a manner as possible to ensure the widest level of participation.  The times of the classes are available on the course timetable which you may request from the coordinator or administrator. Courses under BTEI are free of charge to adults in receipt of a social protection payment, or who hold a medical card or who have not yet achieved upper second level qualifications. There are no grants payable to students on BTEI and students will not incur any charge for class materials or examination fees whilst on their course. The local social protection office will be notified of relevant persons participating on BTEI programmes and persons should continue to receive their social protection entitlements in the normal manner. BTEI students are eligible for pro-rata childcare assistance through the Childcare Employment and Training Support (CETS) scheme administered by the North Tipperary County Childcare Committee.