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VTOS PARTICIPANT CODE OF PRACTICE                             Sept. 2017 




(a)   It is a condition of acceptance on the VTOS Programme that each participant attends and     participates fully (min. 80%) in all his/her time-tabled classes.


(b)   In the event of absence, please inform the VTOS Co-ordinator or Administrator prior to the absence or on the first morning of the absence and where possible state the number of expected days of absence.


(c)     Participants shall be required to submit a certificate from his/her doctor in respect of all absences in excess of 2 days unless the co-ordinator is satisfied that there are exceptional circumstances, details of which will be recorded.


(d)   Participants who have been absent without satisfactory explanation for ten

consecutive days will be deemed to have opted out of the programme and

their VTOS payment terminated.  Re-admission to the programme can only

occur with the permission of the AEO/VTOS Co-ordinator


(e)  Participants who cannot maintain regular attendance on the course will receive

two verbal or written reminders of their commitment, followed by a final written

reminder, the result of which will be that the individual will be removed.


(f)   Students must sign in daily recording their time of entry and if leaving before the end of the day must sign out. Those leaving at the end of the working day are not required to sign out.





Participants must arrive on time for all their time-tabled classes and remain in class until the end of each session. Participants wishing to leave the Centre before the end of their timetabled classes must inform the VTOS administrator or Co-ordinator as well as the subject teacher in question.

All late arrivals into, and leaving early out of, all classes (after a 5 minute grace period) will be recorded by the teacher. Once a student accumulates 3 late arrivals or leaving early the teacher will discuss the matter with the student. If these instances accumulate to 5 instances the matter will be brought to the attention of the coordinator, who will discuss the matter with the student. If the matter is not resolved satisfactorily with the coordinator the student would be removed from VTOS.





(a)   Each participant must make every effort to do the work necessary to meet the             requirements of each subject on his/her timetable.


(b)   It is important that participants meet assignment deadlines. Assignments may only be submitted to the relevant subject teacher and must be the students own work. All sourced information must be referenced and copying work from fellow students is not acceptable. Plagiarism is a serious breach of acceptable practice and will result in student’s work being withdrawn from certification.  


(c)   Students must keep a copy of submitted material as assignment material will not be returned to the student (except in practical areas such as Art or Woodwork).


(d)   Students are entitled to one week of grace on assignment submissions (excluding group activities and examinations).


(e)   Students are only permitted to progress onto further terms where there is a reasonable expectation that the learning outcomes of the course are successfully achieved.






Examination dates will be issued to participants as soon as they become available.





Text books and materials are supplied on loan and return basis to participants.



6.         SMOKING


Smoking (including electronic smoking devices) is not permitted in the College. Students cannot take smoking breaks during scheduled class times. Throwing cigarette butts on the ground is littering and would incur a fine of €150.00.





Food and Refreshments (incl. sweets) may only be taken in the canteen. Chewing gum is not permitted in the building. Capped bottled liquids are permitted in class but not beside computers.




(a)   Students must take care of all equipment and must not remove any equipment.


(b)   During class IT equipment can only be used when approved by the teacher or VTOS Co-ordinator and is only available for course related activities and not personal use.


(c)   Toilet facilities must be left as they are found and if they require attention please report it immediately. The wheelchair accessible toilet is only available to wheelchair users.


(d)   WATER STATION. Students are encouraged to bring their own bottles with a non-spill lid and refill bottles from the water station.


(e)   USB’s & Calculators – These storage devices are issued to students Free of Charge but where students lose the equipment they may have to pay for the replacement.



(a)   If you are having a difficulty with any aspect of your learning, you should consult the appropriate Subject Teacher.


(b)   Depending on the nature of the complaint the issue may be resolved following discussions with the Subject Teacher and VTOS Co-ordinator or if the student wishes the student council may represent them.


(c)   If the above procedure does not resolve your complaint the matter can be referred for the attention of the AEO.




10.                                       COMPUTER/INTERNET USAGE

(a)         The settings on computer equipment must not be changed unless by permission of the IT teacher.


(b)                                             It is prohibited to access or download any information on the Internet that is deemed to

         be pornographic, intrusive or offensive in its content.


(c)     Laptops must not be removed from the room they are located in.


(d)    The use of the IT equipment for personal use (including social networking sites) is restricted to I.T. support times.


(e)   All classes must be vacated during break times.


(f)   Using the college’s technology resources to seek out, access, share or send any material of an offensive, obscene or defamatory nature is prohibited.


(g)  The downloading of unlicenced material and the unlawful copying of copyright material is strictly prohibited.


(h)  Once you are assigned a username and password you are only permitted to login using these details and you must keep these details private and secure. Students must logout on completion of computer use.


(i)     Students are welcome to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and will have access to WIFI but not access to the server via personal devices.


(j)     Printing is only permitted for college activity and not for personal use.


(k)   The use of gambling websites is strictly prohibited.



11.                                       DRUGS POLICY


No person is permitted to enter the college under the influence of alcohol or any other illegal substance. Whilst in the college, no participant is permitted to have alcohol or any illegal substance in their possession.



12.                                       SAFETY PROCEDURES


All participants must ensure that all health, safety & fire procedures are adhered to in the event of a fire and that all reasonable care is exercised whilst in the college to ensure the College remains a safe workplace. In the event of a First Aid incident please ensure help is sought at the earliest opportunity. Students may only attend the college if they feel fit and well enough to do so.


13.                                      BULLYING STATEMENT


Bullying is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

Everyone should be encouraged and supported to report all instances of bullying.

All reports of bullying will be investigated and be dealt with sympathetically.


Discrimination, Harassment & Intimidation of any nature will not be tolerated.

14.                                      FEEDBACK

Students will receive timely feedback on their progress throughout the course.



15.                                    PERSONAL HYGIENE / DRESS

Each person is responsible for dressing appropriately and ensuring that they take care of their personal hygiene. Where a matter of this nature arises it will be treated discreetly.  



16.                                    STUDENT CAR PARKING

Car parking for students is strictly limited to the designated area to the front left of the site upon entrance. Coláiste Éile cannot provide car parking for all students. Places are allocated on a first come first served basis and illegal parking may result in clamping with a release charge of €150.00. Students will be advised of alternative parking arrangements on request.



17.                                    APPEALS (QQI)

QQI do facilitate all students to appeal allocated results through an independent process. The fee for appeals must be paid for by the student. Details of the process are available on request.



18.                                    MOBILE PHONES

The use of mobile phones during class time is not permitted. Phones must be kept on silent and in exceptional cases where calls have to be taken they should be of short duration and be the exception and not the norm. Charging of phones in the college is prohibited.




All students on enrolment must complete the latest version of the Garda Vetting process as this VTOS programme is orientated towards employment and for work experience all students must have completed Garda Vetting.





By signing this agreement student’s agree that they may be photographed or videoed for assessment purposes and for positive publicity purposes. Students may opt to refrain from being photographed or videoed for publicity purposes by indicating this to the photographer at the time. Students are reminded to respect the privacy of others if using their own personal camera.




Students are not permitted to raise monies from fellow students for any charitable or other purpose.



All students are reminded that this programme is funded by the Department of Education and Skills and SOLAS.



23.   STATUS WITH DSP (Department of Social Protection)

All students are reminded that their financial entitlement on entry to VTOS is determined by the Department of Social Protection. This financial entitlement whilst on VTOS would only change if written instruction were received from the Department of Social Protection. On completion of VTOS, all VTOS students wishing to continue in receipt of a social protection payment must return to the DSP and their entitlement (if any) would be a matter for the DSP to calculate. Each person’s financial entitlement is unique and subject to the terms & conditions of the DSP.




All persons are obliged to comply with the written policies of the college and copies of all policies are available on request. Please tick the policies which have been discussed with you;


Substance Use Policy              {__}                Admissions Policy                  {__}

Bullying Policy                       {__}                Customer Service Charter       {__}

Health & Safety Policy           {__}                I.T.  Policy                              {__}

Plagiarism Code                      {__}               



This notice is an overview of how your personal data will be treated. If you would like to learn more about the treatment of your personal data, please request the Data Protection Statement attached to the Learner Detail Form. 


Acknowledgement By applying for and/or attending a FET programme, I acknowledge that you may process my personal data (e.g. name, address, contact details, education) including sensitive personal data (where I opt to provide this information e.g. racial or ethnic origin) that you collect about me in connection with my application for and/or attendance on a FET programme and for purposes associated with coordinating, evaluating, funding and organising FET programmes and complying with European Union requirements for monitoring and reporting on its funding operations. I acknowledge that you may share my personal data (including my sensitive personal data where I opt to provide it) within your organisation and also with third parties in the FET sector as well as third parties monitoring and reporting on European Union co-funded operations. I acknowledge that I have reviewed the PLSS Data Protection Statement attached to this application form which sets out the full details regarding the processing of my personal data. I understand that I may also address any questions, comments and requests regarding your data processing practices at


Contravention of this code of practice will result in a meeting between the student and VTOS Co-ordinator.  Failure to resolve the issue(s) will result in dismissal from VTOS.


If you wish to be part of a text alert service please fill in your mobile number


Mobile:           ___________________________


DECLARATION - I have read the above Code of Practice and accept it as a condition of being enrolled as a VTOS Participant in Coláiste Éile.


      Signed________________(VTOS Participant)                            Date     _______________



      Signed_______________(VTOS Co-ordinator)                          Date      _______________